What is Travis CI?
Why do you need Travis CI?

Just a summary, Travis CI is a distributed continuous integration service that can be used to build and test projects that hosted at GitHub. (If you are using other code hosting service like Gitlab, Travis CI will not work for you.)

This post mainly focus on technical process on how to integration Travis CI into iOS project, if you want to find out more what Travis CI does, you can read here.

Travis CI is very useful especially if you are working in a team. Travis CI automatically detects commit…

In the previous post we have go through fastlane installation and setup.
We also have done certificates and provisioning profiles synchronisation across the team by using match.

In this post we will fully focus on distribution using Fastlane.
I will walk through step by step how to deploy an in-house QA build and submit a test flight version directly using 1 line of execution using Fastlane.

YES! After you follow this tutorial you only need one line to deploy!
Let’s get started.

Step 1: Check and ensure scheme is setting to use correct configuration. For both In-house Enterprise QA and…

What is fastlane? I think you can find the best solutions here.
However, I would like to tell you why I choose to learn fastlane integration.

In 99.co, we are using Travis CI for in-house QA build deployment. When a new commit for the specific branch is detected, Travis will execute and start build the iOS build and submit the built to Hockey (deprecated).

There are a few processes that happen for the whole deployment activity: a. Developer pushes the commit to the specific branch. b. Travis triggers the build. c. Travis submits the build to Hockey upon success. d…

Creating a design system can be a tedious process, especially if you joined a new team and project with tons of Artboards and duplicate Layers, and without any systematic organization. It does not get easier if you’re tasked to expand the product and scale up the design team. Nevertheless, tackling challenges of this caliber with Sketch is what makes us really appreciate features such as Nested Symbols and Shared Text Styles.

What is the right time to start a design system? Timeline constraint and limited resources often become the excuse for “right now, we don’t have the time to create…

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